In conversation with Peiman Khosravi

In the run up to our double bill at Hundred Years Gallery, we met up with acousmatic composer Peiman Khosravi to talk about his work with violinist Aisha Orazbayeva.

Joe and James first met Peiman as students in his Advanced Music Technology class at the Royal Academy of Music. He inspired a great interest in the possibilities of electronic music and has continued to be a source of inspiration.

Peiman Khosravi is a London-based electroacoustic music composer, performer, and software programmer. His music has been internationally presented and acclaimed, receiving awards from Bourges's IMEB and the ICMC. As a performer and sound engineer he is often involved in the realisation of music involving instruments and electronics, as well as working with large-scale loudspeaker orchestras for performing acousmatic music. Peiman's software is used by Kent University's 32-channel loudspeaker system MAAST and by the Klang! Acousmonium in Montpellier where he was appointed the resident software advisor in 2014.

18th April 2015


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