Path to Field

The concept for these recordings was to involve the resonance of several grand pianos which surround us as we play. We wanted to explore how we might respond to this unique setting and Markson Pianos kindly gave us after hours use of their shop for this purpose.

It is an abnormally privileged position to be in as a pianist, being faced with too many beautiful pianos and having to choose which one to play. Trying not to be swayed by the prices, I made my choice and we set about fixing down the pedals of the remaining pianos. This was done by bolstering up the mechanism behind the pedal (rather than weighing down the pedal itself). Besides the one I was playing, there were four other grand pianos in the room, all with the sustain pedals fixed down.

The effect immediately offers a new timbre. The natural decay of our notes seems to be gathered up in the resonance and drawn out further, but with new identity. Sharp stabs are punctuated by growling echoes, whilst more reflective sections are enveloped in the richer texture. The pedals increasingly became like another instrument and character within the improvisation.

As the session progressed we discussed giving more and more space to these developing sounds. The last improvisation is perhaps the culmination of this session, quite different from what came before and uniquely driven by the effect produced by the pianos.

Tom Taylor
9th April 2014


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