The Fluke and the ClariNot

Over the past year I have developed two instruments for duck-rabbit, the Fluke and the ClariNot. The Fluke was featured on Scattered Voices: Part I and Scattered Voices: Part II. I plan to use the ClariNot for the next part of the Scattered Voices series which we will be recording very soon.

The Fluke is a feedback instrument made from the body of an old flute. It takes advantage of the flute's acoustic properties and a contact mic attached to the instrument. The feedback and contact mic signals are sent to a computer running SuperCollider where they are then mixed and used to manipulate recorded sound.

The Fluke

The ClariNot is an interface instrument, using only data sent from an Arduino microcontroller. The instrument has touch sensors arranged in a woodwind-style fingering layout and a trackpad. The data from this tactile instrument is sent to a computer where, like the Fluke, it is used to manipulate recorded sound.

The ClariNot

If you'd like to know more about these instruments, you can read about the making of them on my blog, Musical Making.

Joe Wright
13th March 2015


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